Seeing what I cannot hear…

Dear Photographer,

Don’t Quit.

Questioning your value? Feeling like it’s all for nothing?

The world of photography —so much competition, financially straining, and then are you really that good after-all?  And then there is AI.

Before you throw in the towel, let me share with you the key things I’m finding that is keeping that little light going for me…

1. Personal: The core of photography is about self interpretation. It’s a way to capture moments, emotions, and perspectives that are unique to you.  It’s your point of view and interaction with the world that is YOURS. Regardless of whether anyone else sees the value in your work, the act of creating something meaningful to you is fulfilling.  It’s a way to process the world.

2. IMPACT Beyond Yourself: Your photos have the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and inspire others. Even if you feel like your work doesn’t matter to anyone else, there’s a chance it’s making a difference in someone’s life without you even realizing it.  For instance today I saw my photos displayed BIG in a friend’s home.  I was stunned.  This is a testament to the impact my work had that I did not realize.  I haven’t looked at those pictures in a while but when I saw them so big, l was again inspired.  A reminder that art matters, even if it’s just to one person.

3. Always Growth: Photography is a journey.  Constant learning, constant improvement.  Constant changes.  There is always opportunity to refine your craft. Embrace the challenges and setbacks as an opportunity.  An opportunity to GROW.

4.  Seeing What You Cannot Hear.  The camera has served numerous times as a tool for me to peer into people’s lives.  To COMMUNICATE and learn things about them.  It’s an excuse to be there without being weird :)  Since I was born, I have learned that I struggle with hearing correctly.  I am often too impatient to process or listen to someone because it really hard work for me.  I think about 10 x harder than average.   I don’t know if there are others like me, but the camera helps me to see what I cannot hear.  It’s a quicker vehicle of communication.  I realize that I need this in my life whether or not it needs me.  It’s my language.  Maybe it is also yours…

6. Legacy  -Think beyond the present moment. Your photos will OUTLIVE you, leave behind a legacy for future generations to see. And if you worry about your future memory, like me, it’s also a form of insurance.  AI is just a tool, not real records, real experiences.   

Before you walk away from photography, take a moment to reflect on WHY you started in the first place.   Focus on the intangibles, not necessarily the concrete.

the joy —the passion—the sense of wonder—the emotional outlet-

the social communication that drew you to this art form.  it all comes down to LOVE

Let that spark guide you forward.

There are no shortages on resources when it comes to memories, moments and stories to be told.  There is enough for everyone…

Your art matters,  keep going.  

If you see me pursuing other things for career, it’s just to enable a deeper love for this craft with freedom.  I will never give up.  Neither should you.



Here’s a little video of the pleasant surprise I had when visiting a friend’s house.  It’s all I need…

Thank you Ashley for showing me these photos in your house and reminding me why I love doing photography, check out her amazing food blog! :)

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