How to Find the Right Photographer For You

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How to Find a Photographer Right for You:

  • Identify what TYPE of photographer you are looking for- see more details below
  • Spend some time looking at THEIR WEBSITE and Instagram - see if their work reflects the experience you need. Does it show the type of photography you want? You would not want to hire a photographer who photographs babies to shoot a corporate shoot.
  • STYLE - Notice if they filter all images. Is this timeless? Would that filter look right on you? Do you like the lighting style? 
  •  MEET WITH THE PHOTOGRAPHER. A skilled photographer will be interested in spending some extra time to know their client and put them at ease for a photoshoot. Choose also based on personality. Do you believe this photographer can achieve what you want?  Share some ideas and get feedback on images you like. Choosing a photographer that you feel comfortable with is paramount.

It is imperative to understand that there are several categories of photographers. It is wise to choose one who specializes in a specific type that fits your needs is critical for success. Overlaps in photographic skills and types do exist of course, but it will be easier to meet expectations when you hire them. This is based on how the majority of their images reflect the type of photography you are seeking. If you see a website full of variety, it can be that the best one in a million photos is posted they may not be able to replicate it. You want consistency and repetition.  


  • Portrait Photographer- **is a broad subject and many types of portraiture are very specific so please do not assume that a portrait photographer who specializes in babies can do the same job as one who specializes in corporate photography
    • Baby- photographers who specialize in baby photography should be well versed in juggling the needs of the baby. In addition, they should provide appropriate props and a safe environment while photographing a baby.
    • Family- Family photographers handle more than one person when lighting and shooting. It is a challenging task and often they are expected to shoot on location
    • Corporate - Corporate photographers understand the need for professionalism and polished looks for their clients. They should work well under pressure and respect the work environment demands if they work on site. They often provide fully polished and edited images.
    • Senior- Senior photographers tend to be very flexible and sensitive to bring out confidence in a teen. It is their job to understand both the teen’s needs and their parents’ desires. The parent is generally requested to refrain from attending the photoshoot to keep the teen relaxed during the shoot.
    • Editorial - Editorial photographers create or analyze scenes that convey a story about a person. Generally the goal is for the public to consume news or commercial stories.
  • Wedding Photographer - Wedding photographers capture candid and unexpected moments. They often work from a shot list and work long hours editing post production and shooting. If they are professional and experienced, they can be costly, but deliver lifelong memories.
  • Documentary Photographer - Documentary photographers report factual and unmanipulated images
  • Fashion Photographer- This is an excellent choice if you are interested in modeling, showcasing a product or piece of clothing. Be sure to look at their past images.
  • Nature/Landscape photography - 
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