Imprisoned on the Inside and Out; The Story of Wilbur Williams

Wilbur Williams is a disabled at-risk individual who is in need of social services provided by True Light Family Resource Center in Kansas City.  Born to a drug-addicted mother and raised in the Kansas City’s urban core by his grandmother in government project housing.  Williams graduated from an unaccredited public school system into a world of gang life, drugs and imprisonment. He became disabled in prison from a negative side-effect of a drug prescribed to him in prison by a medical doctor.  He has permanent nerve damage called Tardive Dyskenesia.  It is a severely debilitating condition that renders it difficult to control nerve and muscle spasms.  Now released from prison he is unable to qualify for food stamps, housing assistance, and is legally discriminated against in regards to housing and employment.  He struggles to rebuild his life outside of prison while navigating his disability.

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